Balangan Beach

Balangan beach Jimbaran Bali

Balangan beach blessed with around 200 meters of white sandy beach with panoramic and spectacular views of sunset. Balangan beach also famous for surfing and visited by surfer from around the world in particular for experience up to professional surfers.

The beach located around 3km away from Villa Poetra Balangan by just following the road until reaching the end or at the beach. Year to year the surfer visiting Balangan beach ever increasing in number because the beach not only beautiful but also perfect for relaxation on the white sand after having a fabolus surf.

The best season for surfing at Balangan Beach is on dry season where the wind flows from the east to the west and create the big wave and good for surfing.

Wet/Dry Season
Dry Season – April/October

Best Swell Direction

Best Size

Best Winds
SE Tradewinds